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  • 27 MAY

    Coppelia Performance @ 7 PM

  • 28 MAY

    Coppelia Performance @ 2 PM

  • "This is the best classical ballet instruction north of the Metroplex. It really is. You might find flashier, but you will NOT find anything as solid." - Denise Saltz, Anna, TX!

  • "The fundamentals are so strong at TYBC. I’ve taught in many places and there just aren’t very many that have as strong a technical foundation as TYBC teaches. It was a pleasure to teach their students.” - Abbey Helsel, Alpha Company Member, Ballet Magnificat

  • "My daughter has fallen in love with ballet a little bit more each and every year that she has attended and her growth as a ballerina is evident. If you are looking for a place to become part of a dance 'family' this is it." - Danielle Herod, McKinney, TX

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