The level program is the foundation of our classical ballet program. As students work through the ballet levels from Pink to White, their progress is marked by the color of ribbon in their hair. Progress is not measured by age, or number of years of training, but by skill level. The students love getting a new ribbon color, and are highly motivated by the fact that it can happen at any time.

We require attendance at a minimum number of classes for every level. These minimums are to ensure that the progress of the class is steady and safe, and that all students are progressing adequately . Ballet is an extremely physical activity with no short cuts to success. It takes time and repetition to build ballet muscles correctly, and failure to do so may result in injury. The director retains the authority to move your child to a lower level should they miss too many classes and fall behind.

Registration Information

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Tuition and Fees (PDF)
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Tuition and Fees

Class Level
Black Level - Once a Week 60 mins $70 $299 $599
Silver Ribbon / Black Plus - Twice a Week 60 mins $90 $385 $770
Silver Plus - Three Times a Week 60 mins $110 $470 $941
Gold - Twice a Week 75 mins $100 $428 $855
Gold Plus - Three Times a Week 78 mins $120 $513 $1,026